Magnetic Eyelashes - Celi's Secret
Magnetic Eyelashes - Celi's Secret

Magnetic Eyelashes

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Eyelash material: high-quality artificial mink eyelashes
Eyeliner: National quality and safety certification, no allergies
Length: about 1~1.1cm
1. Get rid of the discomfort of traditional magnet eyelashes. The method of use is simple and convenient, and the effect is natural.
2. Has a strong magnet adsorption capacity.

1PC waterproof eyeliner + 3 pairs of eyelashes + 1PC tweezers
[Magnetic eyelashes]-3D attractive magnetic eyelashes are upgraded with the latest magnet design. These 3d magnetic eyelashes create the most charming appearance. No more seeing magnets or drooping eyelashes.

[Safe and completely natural]-No glue needed. Magnetic Lashliner uses FDA approved ingredients and is latex-free. No glue! No tape glue! Just beautiful eyeliner and beautiful eyelashes.

[Easy to use]-Can be worn on the go-No special skills or makeup artist required. The eyelash curler system couldn't be easier. The application method of the eyeliner is the same as any eyeliner. After applying the eyeliner, all you need to do is lift the eyelashes onto the eyeliner and it will snap into place smoothly. That's it!

[High-strength and high-strength magnets]-No longer feel frustrated, and no longer stick your eyes! Cosmetic eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles, but it feels completely natural. Tiny high-strength magnets are embedded in high-quality eyelashes. Your eyelashes are very easy to apply, comfortable enough to wear all day