As we age, we assume the days of pimples and breakouts will end.  Unfortunately, for millions of people, they do not. In fact, for many the nightmare just continued.  Their breakouts developed into serious scarring leading to expensive and extensive cosmetic cover-ups or procedures. When acne is severe, or even when it’s not, there are no shortages of hyped up products offering to solve your acne woes. Despite the scads of prescription and over-the-counter, harsh chemicals, oral antibiotics, topical creams, and expensive doctor visits- acne battle continues to be a drawn out struggle.

DOTs AWAY ACNE TREATMENT is the game changer! DOTs AWAY ACNE TREATMENT is an all-natural acne treatment for all skin types. DOTS AWAY allows the cyst or pimple to come to the surface of the skin, essentially draining the toxins without damaging the skin.

- Open congested pores and cleans deep-down oil, dirt and dead skin cells
- Helps to prevent and minimize ingrown hairs after shaving for men and women
- Provide faster skin recovery time 
- Reduce scabbing and scarring 
- Reduce the signs of aging, and refine the skins texture
-Neutralizes free radicals on the upper layer of the skin to help prevent the impact of ozone damage to skin


Key Ingredients:
La aloe vera / honeysuckle /Angelica Extract and Sophora faves census extract

There are NO artificial ingredients, NO parabens & we NEVER test on animals!  All products are handmade, each being unique.

To use:

Apply a generous layer of DOTs AWAY ACNE TREATMENT to affected area as needed and wipe off with a cotton ball. Cotton assists in drawing out the toxin in the skin.

For use on acne, boils, cysts, wounds, splinters, bee stings, and other skin problems. First cleanse the area with mild soap, rinse and dry.

-All natural
-15ml  glass dropper bottles 
-Used For: Acne, Cysts, Boils, Ingrown Hairs
- Made For All Skin Types